The Oscars in 2013 had a very diverse selection of candidates. American Hustle was one with a lot of nominations. The film follows a pair of con artists in the 70s, excellently played by Christian Bale and Amy Adams. After a eager FBI Agent (Bradley Cooper) busts their business, they agree to help him catch bigger fish. Soon it becomes clear that this film has the typical who-cons-who scenario, with quite a few more famous and interesting cast choices who are not all spot-on. Jennifer Lawrence for example acts great, but her character seems a bit forcefully written and threw me off. All of this in almost too pretty designed 70s sets and surrounded by music who constantly reminds you that you are supposed to be in the past.

With a few weird scenes that focus more on love and intrigue than on the main goal, American Hustle is a well-shaked drink that is enjoyable, nice to look at, but leaves me with a bit of a weird aftertaste. „Some of this might actually happened“ shows the screen in the beginning. Some of this I might actually remember.