[dropcap]Smooth jazz acompanies me as I wire a lightswitch to an electrical outlet. Then I wire the elevator to the ceiling light. I call it, the elevator arrives and the light goes out. A confused guard that is now in the dark walks towards the lightswitch, he will soon discover it’s shocking new function.[/dropcap]

Gunpoint is a charming little indie title that puts you in the pants of a freelance spy named Conway, that finds himself caught in a conspiracy of rivaling weapon manufacturers. Caught in the pants literally as a special pair of trousers enables him to jump like a flea. With this abiltiy you navigate 2D worlds that are full of walls, windows, doors, elevators, stairs and other everyday stuff, that is pretty important in the gameplay.

With the aquired abilty to rewire a buildings electrical circuit the player gets a tool that lets him approach the various mission in very creative ways, and this is exactly what makes Gunpoint great.  The game rewards you for crazy and experimental approaches and gives you incentives to replay missions with a different playstyle. The story was more fun than expected, though a few more missions with more challenging scenarious would have been nice. Thankfully there is a leveleditor included. A tad bit too short and too easy, but none the less an excellent game with great new ideas.