Type: Talkshow
Language: German

Team: Sophia Sixta, Oliver Lukesch, Philip Drobar.
Actors: Oliver Jagosch, Andreas Kurz, Kathrina Becker.

Synopsis: Sitzfleisch.TV is a tv talk-magazin with a twist. Brainstorming about interesting talk situations and discussions we realized that not the show itself, but the editorial meetings before are the most thrilling moment in creating a show. Discussions get heated, ideas are created and destroyed, the whole content is still fluctuating. So we thought, why not make this moment the actual show.

Two journalists must plan a fictional show, together with the help of an outside guest. The public is involved too with some on topic questionaires. Dialogue is improvised, actors were encouraged to develop their own characters. The only preparation is a topic. Each show shot in one sitting and then trimmed to fit our own show format.