[onefull] [dropcap]I spent my day thinking about why. A Link Between Worlds did not change much in comparison to other Zelda games. It even builds and recycles the world from A Link To The Past, intentionally. It’s not a overly difficult game, nor is it very long. Maybe thats the two main reasons I finished it. The biggest point for me was one difference to other Zelda games: Pacing.

The game lets you tackle every dungeon and every part of the map from the almost very beginning, so you can play it at your own pace. That combined with the not-too-long overall length makes it perfect for casual as well as seasoned gamers. It is everything you’d expect from a Zelda game, but it adds enough surprises and changes to keep you interested. And a nice endtwist that I personally didn’t see coming.[/dropcap] [/onefull] [/row]